10 lessons you learn very last blogpost


MY VERY LAST BLOG POST AND 10 LESSONS YOU CAN LEARN   It has been a weird couple of weeks and as much as I asked my friends on IG to replace I feel lost with I am on a path to finding myself, it’s kind of embarrassing to openly confess of just how much Read more about MY VERY LAST BLOG POST AND 10 LESSONS YOU CAN LEARN[…]

Achieve More Goals With A Gratitude Jar in 2019

. I can feel it in my bones and in my heart that this year has not begun like last year. January last year a time like this, I can confidently say that I was a mess, with regard to the thought of ‘beginning again’’. It was especially nerve-wracking because of all the fear and Read more about Achieve More Goals With A Gratitude Jar in 2019[…]

How Not to Lose Yourself in Your Dating Season Pt.2

I hope you enjoyed part one of the how not to lose yourself in your dating season. If you haven’t read it, please check out the post here. In my honest opinion, I believe that to date well, to meet new people occasionally and finding true meaningful connection comes from a place of emotional health Read more about How Not to Lose Yourself in Your Dating Season Pt.2[…]

The Beauty of Being Content

We live in a fast-moving world, with the advent of social media everyone seems to be moving ahead and ‘making moves’. It is easy to get caught up in the success and pressure of achieving. I speak from experience, I always had very high goals for myself since I was young. I wanted to graduate Read more about The Beauty of Being Content[…]

Is it too late for me

Is it Too Late for Me

We have 24 hrs and we are allowed, i would say privileged to decide what we do with them. So we plan ahead, anticipate and do all we can to make the 24hrs meaningful.But the reality of things is that we do not have 24hrs. We have repetitive ‘nows’ and ‘in the moments’ that culminate Read more about Is it Too Late for Me[…]

Lies that christians tell themselves

3 Lies That The Modern Christian Tell Themselves.

Wait! Do I tell myself the truth? I’d love to believe I do. In a world and generation that screams, ‘Stick to your truth!’ It is very easy to end up living your truth and a lie, all in the same breathe. Everyone around us is urging us to run. To run away from people’s Read more about 3 Lies That The Modern Christian Tell Themselves.[…]

Why am I So Jealous and Insecure

I come to you with this post because I have been here many times. I occasionally come back too. “I should be far along by now.  I should be in a stable relationship if not married by now. I should know exactly what I should be doing and darn! Doing it already. I should be Read more about Why am I So Jealous and Insecure[…]

Intentional Living

Five Keys to Intentional Living

What comes to mind when I think of the phrase intentional living ? Reliability Dependable Time conscious/Punctual Resilience Focus Purpose driven These are things I hold to great esteem and qualities I admire most in people and values I work on daily.Some days I thrive in intentional living  while on other days I ask myself Read more about Five Keys to Intentional Living[…]

Responding to love

5 Ways To Respond To Love.

The best feeling in any relationship is not in giving a hug only, but being hugged right back. Love can be given, but it is in the response that makes it a full circle.When i would meet with my girlfriends for some ‘tea’ we would express just how much we long to be loved,after a rant about a Read more about 5 Ways To Respond To Love.[…]

Find yourself

7 Powerful Keys to Finding Yourself.

As a 25 year old,i can definitely say there isn’t a manual on “how to know yourself”.It is more like,”lets find out as we go” type of thing. What i will tell you is this! It is a beautiful journey. I will be sharing with you things that have helped me find myself.I will say,they Read more about 7 Powerful Keys to Finding Yourself.[…]

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