Is it too late for me

Is it Too Late for Me

We have 24 hrs and we are allowed, i would say privileged to decide what we do with them. So we plan ahead, anticipate and do all we can to make the 24hrs meaningful.But the reality of things is that we do not have 24hrs. We have repetitive ‘nows’ and ‘in the moments’ that culminate Read more about Is it Too Late for Me[…]

Lies that christians tell themselves

3 Lies That The Modern Christian Tell Themselves.

Wait! Do I tell myself the truth? I’d love to believe I do. In a world and generation that screams, ‘Stick to your truth!’ It is very easy to end up living your truth and a lie, all in the same breathe. Everyone around us is urging us to run. To run away from people’s Read more about 3 Lies That The Modern Christian Tell Themselves.[…]

Responding to love

5 Ways To Respond To Love.

The best feeling in any relationship is not in giving a hug only, but being hugged right back. Love can be given, but it is in the response that makes it a full circle.When i would meet with my girlfriends for some ‘tea’ we would express just how much we long to be loved,after a rant about a Read more about 5 Ways To Respond To Love.[…]

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