Realistically live your purpose

How to Realistically Live out your Purpose.

How to Realistically Live out your Purpose. I know a lot of you are like me and have therefore asked this question so many times. I started searching seriously for this ‘magical’ answer when I was out of high school and it grew chronic in my college days. I have read blogs, I have gone Read more about How to Realistically Live out your Purpose.[…]

colorism in Kenya

Colorism Doesn’t EXIST! STOP FUSSING!

  COLORISM DOESN’T EXIST! STOP FUSSING! We all have different experiences when it comes to issues of light-skinned over dark-skinned preference. Colorism, I had to admit exists within us and in our society.I remember myself in primary school and the popular girl everyone wanted to be friends with, including me. She was always light-skinned with Read more about Colorism Doesn’t EXIST! STOP FUSSING![…]

melanin equipped campaign


MELANIN EQUIPPED-The Campaign We have amazingly big audacious campaigns and movements that shake society and its standards of beauty especially amongst black women such as #BlackGirlMagic or #BlackGirlExecellence just to mention a few. It goes without saying that even with the amazing work that they are doing, it is but only a drop in the Read more about I am MELANIN EQUIPPED- The Campaign[…]

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