12 Validating Statements to Help Deal with Self-doubt

12 Validating Statements to Help Deal with Self-doubt.



I know you have dealt with self-doubt at some point in your life. I have doubted my thoughts, beliefs, body since I was a small girl. It is not so clear to me when exactly this started. I always admired the girls and a lot of the boys that seemed to be sure of themselves, their actions even when everybody thought they should behave otherwise. I did my best trying to fit into set structures. Getting it right. They simply went ahead and lived painting their own canvases of experiences. I was taught that I constantly needed permission. Permission to feel, live, exist, explore and be. I figured that’s why instead of sinking into myself to figure out my next move, I opt to interview everyone around me to find out what I should be doing. Self-doubt is something I believe most women struggle with. 

How do you fully show up for yourself, your family or work if you are constantly doubting yourself and decisions? How do you advocate for yourself if you do not think that the issues that you are raising are important? How do you do this if you do not think you matter or you’re worthy? How does the world trust your voice if you do not trust it? In this post, I share the things that I tell myself especially when I feel the self-doubt creeping. Self-doubt is fear led. The fear of things going wrong, being wrong, not being enough, shame or even fear of being seen. 

1) I can trust my inner-knowing. 

I literally ask myself what I know as truth. I silence the distracting voices of social media, friends, confidants or even parents and I honour what I know as truth for me. It’s scary to step out this way because we do not know how it will all work out. 


2)  I am okay. I will be okay.

I love this one. Especially when I find myself feeling like things are not going as I think they should. The sun reminds me that I am okay. Waking up each day to soak up the sun each morning as I go for my morning walk reminds me that the sun will come up every day and as much as it feels chaotic on the inside, things are actually okay. I will be okay.


3) I embrace my truth.

It’s important that I do so even as I welcome other peoples thoughts, opinions and sharing. We may know our truth but we struggle to embrace it because we are so scared of peoples perceptions. I know and embrace, my truth. I also accept these truths can change. 


4. I accept and embrace being wrong.

It’s okay to be wrong. It’s okay to fail. It’s okay to be found ignorant of some issues. Remind yourself that you do not need to be on the defensive all the time. You can accept both of your good and bad judgements with grace, self-compassion and desire to grow and be better.


5) I release my desire to be perfect and embrace that I am fully human.

I don’t need fixing constantly. There are days that self-help is not necessary. I can sit in the mess and it will not destroy me.


6) I embrace all that I am.

I embrace my body and thank it for all that it does for me. It’s beautiful capacity for both pain and pleasure.

It’s not okay for us to be disconnected from our bodies, what it is saying to us and all that it does for us. Seek to connect with your body through touch, movement or getting still.


7) I am whole.

Wholeness is not about everything going the way I want it to. Wholeness is not about always being happy. Wholeness is about embracing pain just as much as we embrace joy. It’s about being okay by yourself and recognizing your need and blessing of others in your life. 




8) I can love myself through the worst of it.

Through all the hardships and detours of life. Love is available for me. I can hold on. I can and will survive it all. I accept to be stretched. I accept to walk on water. Love will carry me through the toughest struggles.


9)Life is for the living and each time I abandon myself, I die a little.

I need to know that I am worth not abandoning. I will always have myself, so I will hold my own hand first. I will speak up for myself. I will advocate for myself.  I welcome the fire and sparks. The smoke and the wind.The light and the dark. 


10) You are not just one thing. You are not just good or bad.

You are undiscovered, mysterious and have permission to be. I thrive more to BE. I am always evolving, learning and relearning. I have permission to do this. The world will adjust and love and lovers will remain. ( The love we have for ourselves and the ones that truly love us)


11)I will stop walking away from the fire. Refining and growth are hidden in it.

I want to be there for the remains because it will be beautiful. I know it hurts to push through my insecurities, pain and hardships. I am okay with being embarrassed. I am okay with not knowing. I am okay with being uncomfortable.


12) I stand in my light, talents and greatness.

I embrace and share them with the world. I bring light and joy to those that are around me. I am worthy and I want those that are near me to know that they too are worthy. Let my light attract light, love and peace.

Stay Validated!

With so much love.

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