That Woman Relatable

Its really the end of an era. We welcome That Woman Relatable.

That Woman Relatable- The beginning

Just me dusting off the cobwebs out of this website! I have missed writing and as I am doing so , I am starting to feel a little bit anxious. A little bit rushed. The feeling of completing the post and posting it already. Deep breathes. I take. In and out. I sip my morning green juice even though it is noon. I remind myself that in this space i’m not an entertainer. In this space I do not need to finish in 1 hour or meet any deadlines. I am me! I give myself permission to be seen , not so that I can be chosen but so that I can live.

When my dad died, I died. Parts of me. I instantly became this new woman and I have struggled to get to the place where I can now say that I know a little bit about myself. I am still in the discovery phase. With this phase came new opportunities and projects that I would have typically said no to but said a big yes! I did radio for the first time. I have done it for 1 year straight. Talking about mental health, self-love, healing and encouraging young people to keep going. I was really talking to myself all this time. I said yes to hosting game nights, which was the deep end for me. God, I was nauseous and anxious. But I did it week after week at not only one but two venues. It was hard, fun and easy. It became easier over time. I loved it especially when I noticed that I was not scared anymore. That the audience and myself danced in one beat. Swaying with my voice and jokes as the lyrics to our song. It was magical. I felt alive.

I was busy! I worked my full-time job and my night jobs and truly getting a moment to be quiet to write felt impossible. This wind was blowing really fast. The thing I held on to was my passion for wellness and health that became pronounced when my dad died. I knew that I had to create a space where I can learn, explore, heal and hold space for others. The clutch I held onto that is close to my soul was a Naturally Relatable wellness podcast. I partnered with a friend and decided to have conversations around healing through nature and healthy practices. I will keep sharing more on that and can listen in here!

I fell in love too. I gave myself a chance to do so. It was beautiful, peaceful, slow and healing. It was also eye-opening.Like, where does Dorsila begin and end in the relationship. I learnt so much about what I love about relationships and my boundaries. I learnt to be patient and kind. I learnt to open and close a chapter of love in peace and understanding. I ended the year a single babe. I learnt that my love type can be both anxious and avoidant. I learnt to show emotion, to say i love you to another and mean it. I also learnt to take accountability for my actions and choices.  To honor myself, my boundaries and anothers.

I am woman. I am that ‘woman’ relatable. I am evolving and learning along the way and I will slow down to share with you all the things that I am learning, challenged on and healing from. This woman is looking right at ‘that girl’ and promising to show up for her.

Thank you for reading and would love to hear how you are evolving too.

That girl  woman relatable!


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