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Self-Care Activities

40 Enjoyable Relatable Self-Care Activities

Self-Care should be enjoyable and we are here to make it relatable as well! Sharing these 40 activities is my way of sharing my love with all of you! A lot of people just hear about self-love and care and are left clueless about how to actually practice! I hope this post helps you to Read more about 40 Enjoyable Relatable Self-Care Activities[…]

Upgrade by Victor Muniu

Book Review: UPGRADE by Victor Muniu

I swear to all of you that I am a personal development junkie and I am super excited to share this book with all of you! It’s true that most of us will not pick up books by our Kenyan authors as fast as we’ll pick books from the western authors, therefore I am working Read more about Book Review: UPGRADE by Victor Muniu[…]

Body image & Mental Health

Body Image & Mental Health in Kenya

Our body image does affect our mental health today more than ever! Our conversations in front of the mirror and things we see through society’s eye affect our emotional, psychological, mental and ultimately physical health. I have struggled with body image issues and I am sure that a lot of you reading this have too.I Read more about Body Image & Mental Health in Kenya[…]

stressed out

Stress will find you! How to be found prepared.

Stress Awareness Month is April and we wanna talk about it too because it is needed. I think we live in the most stressful times of human history. It’s even crazier if you’re a millennial living in Kenya. It’s so ironic especially because of the technological development that is ‘meant to make things easier and Read more about Stress will find you! How to be found prepared.[…]

colorism in Kenya

Colorism Doesn’t EXIST! STOP FUSSING!

  COLORISM DOESN’T EXIST! STOP FUSSING! We all have different experiences when it comes to issues of light-skinned over dark-skinned preference. Colorism, I had to admit exists within us and in our society.I remember myself in primary school and the popular girl everyone wanted to be friends with, including me. She was always light-skinned with Read more about Colorism Doesn’t EXIST! STOP FUSSING![…]

melanin equipped campaign


MELANIN EQUIPPED-The Campaign We have amazingly big audacious campaigns and movements that shake society and its standards of beauty especially amongst black women such as #BlackGirlMagic or #BlackGirlExecellence just to mention a few. It goes without saying that even with the amazing work that they are doing, it is but only a drop in the Read more about I am MELANIN EQUIPPED- The Campaign[…]



  Well, well, well.Friendships! You know how a majority say it is hard to have and to keep a female friend. I’d like to differ a little bit. Girls too can be fun and so much loving and everything one could be looking for in a friend. Honestly, there is nothing specific on what to Read more about THE SQUAD JOURNEY TO FRIENDSHIP.[…]

Single on Valentines


. There is nothing wrong with you love. I know there is a lot of pressure around you to have someone ‘special’ on this day. Someone who calls you his, bae, Pookie or whatever else that lights your heart. Pull a chair babe, I totally relate! We all long to love and be loved right Read more about There is NOTHING wrong with YOU- SINGLE ON VALENTINES DAY.[…]

Gifts Valentines

Our Top 5 Best Stores to GIFT from this Valentines.

  . So we went on a beautiful rant on our previous post urging you to celebrate Valentines(LOVE) this year and even threw a few pointers out there explaining why you should. Many of you agreed that we had really solid points! *wink* We also thought it would really be helpful if we went ahead Read more about Our Top 5 Best Stores to GIFT from this Valentines.[…]

Celebrate Valentines

Will You Be My Valentine?6 Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Valentine’s Day

  . “Will you be my Valentine?’’ I do not know how many Kenyan women or even men have been asked/have asked this question during this love season that is swiftly approaching. I personally have always been too shy to ask such corny questions! LOL.In a culture where we love silently and hate/troll clamourously, I Read more about Will You Be My Valentine?6 Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Valentine’s Day[…]

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