Navigating Friendships in Nairobi


NAVIGATING FRIENDSHIPS IN NAIROBI     Navigating friendships in Nairobi is a risky and tricky affair but I have a feeling that Nairobians thrive and live meaningful and fulfilling lives because of the connections that they have made outside of their homes. Studies have shown that a person needs three to five close pals for Read more about NAVIGATING FRIENDSHIPS IN NAIROBI[…]

flora's story

May Mental Health Awareness Journal Challenge: Flora’s Story

Talking about one’s mental health is so incredibly important. Not only does it help the victim, it also reaches out to someone else who may be lost and alone. I can’t believe how much those words feel so loaded right now. It’s been one hell of a ride getting to where I am right now; Read more about May Mental Health Awareness Journal Challenge: Flora’s Story[…]

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