colorism in Kenya

Colorism Doesn’t EXIST! STOP FUSSING!

  COLORISM DOESN’T EXIST! STOP FUSSING! We all have different experiences when it comes to issues of light-skinned over dark-skinned preference. Colorism, I had to admit exists within us and in our society.I remember myself in primary school and the popular girl everyone wanted to be friends with, including me. She was always light-skinned with Read more about Colorism Doesn’t EXIST! STOP FUSSING![…]



  Well, well, well.Friendships! You know how a majority say it is hard to have and to keep a female friend. I’d like to differ a little bit. Girls too can be fun and so much loving and everything one could be looking for in a friend. Honestly, there is nothing specific on what to Read more about THE SQUAD JOURNEY TO FRIENDSHIP.[…]



. There is nothing wrong with you love. I know there is a lot of pressure around you to have someone ‘special’ on this day. Someone who calls you his, bae, Pookie or whatever else that lights your heart. Pull a chair babe, I totally relate! We all long to love and be loved right Read more about There is NOTHING wrong with YOU- SINGLE ON VALENTINES DAY.[…]

Dont lose yourself

How Not to Lose Yourself in your Dating Season

Dating, meeting new people and socializing is definitely an exciting experience. Personally, I am super excited when there is that instant connection with another human being. Similar interests, taste or style definitely makes the best conversation topics. Different opinions and views make the best opportunities for introspection, self-discovery and self- awareness. Human beings were created Read more about How Not to Lose Yourself in your Dating Season[…]

flora's story

May Mental Health Awareness Journal Challenge: Flora’s Story

Talking about one’s mental health is so incredibly important. Not only does it help the victim, it also reaches out to someone else who may be lost and alone. I can’t believe how much those words feel so loaded right now. It’s been one hell of a ride getting to where I am right now; Read more about May Mental Health Awareness Journal Challenge: Flora’s Story[…]

Lies that christians tell themselves

3 Lies That The Modern Christian Tell Themselves.

Wait! Do I tell myself the truth? I’d love to believe I do. In a world and generation that screams, ‘Stick to your truth!’ It is very easy to end up living your truth and a lie, all in the same breathe. Everyone around us is urging us to run. To run away from people’s Read more about 3 Lies That The Modern Christian Tell Themselves.[…]

Why am I So Jealous and Insecure

I come to you with this post because I have been here many times. I occasionally come back too. “I should be far along by now.  I should be in a stable relationship if not married by now. I should know exactly what I should be doing and darn! Doing it already. I should be Read more about Why am I So Jealous and Insecure[…]

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