Well, well, well.Friendships! You know how a majority say it is hard to have and to keep a female friend. I’d like to differ a little bit. Girls too can be fun and so much loving and everything one could be looking for in a friend. Honestly, there is nothing specific on what to look for while looking for your girl gang. We can go with the major main ones that everyone seems to look at but these are at the top of the list for us!


1)Someone who is not judgmental. 

We all need someone who can listen to us without speaking with a tone that brings the judging.


2) A good listener.

We all need someone that listens to us with all the attention.


3) Comfortability is key.

No one wants to be around someone who they aren’t comfortable with right?





4) Trustworthy.

If I can trust you and my gut tells me I’m not making a mistake then we WILL be friends.



5) Someone you can confide in.

Let me tell you, it ’s just like finding your long lost sister from another mother.

We all have few or many things that work for us individually right? And we are never perfect but to those little imperfections, those little quirks are what makes us perfect for the right friendships. It would be a big lie to say that we have not had ups and downs through this friendship! We are still learning how to be on this journey.  We’ll just say a few specific things that work for us!


We prioritize each other!  We are there for each other always and forever.  Also, no one likes having a heavy heart with unresolved issues, so we love and prefer solving our issues before they get out of hand. So KEY! Friends, as you already know, can make you mad in a flash!

Nobody likes a friend who is n’t real, or who just tells you what you want to hear. WE keeping it real and 100% .Haha, this phrase, we live by! Yes, the truth hurts, but it better hurt than being told a lie which will hurt twice as much.

Having different personalities has made our friendship so unique and we have blended in such a great way. Our personalities have just brought out the best of who we are and has made the friendship so much fun!

Each year most people have resolutions, a bucket list of sorts and hopes. For us, we have such high hopes for this friendship and we pray to see all of them! Firstly, we would like to make our bond stronger, not that we aren’t, but we need to go a  notch higher to grow our friendship. Secondly, to grind, get money and build our futures. We do hustle and support each other and desire to do more of that. We pray for each other to achieve so that we all grow and win together as a team, squad and sisters!


Adulting is hard and we all need one or a few days to relax, to get away with our persons! This squad is just the best company! Get yourself a few people to take on this journey called life! It is totally worth it. Our main hope is to inspire people with our journey as a girl gang and show that girls can be good friends too! We hold and lift this flag higher on our blog here!





We are so grateful to have @thesquadjourney sharing with us and I am awed by their intentionality to grow and be present in their friendships! Read some more of them here and follow them on IG here!
Love them!
Stay Relatable and Intentional Forever!
So much love!


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