The Accidental Vertigo

Book Review: The Accidental Vertigo by Kiaba A. Njeru

The Accidental Vertigo by Kiaba A. Njeru     MILLENIALS THIS WAS WRITTEN FOR YOU! I couldn’t help but be captured by the title of this book when I saw it on Kiaba’s IG stories. I knew I had to get it. The title spoke to my millennial soul and spirit and the language, humour Read more about Book Review: The Accidental Vertigo by Kiaba A. Njeru[…]

lies we choose to believe

The Lies We Choose to Believe – Naliaka Brenda

The Lies we Choose to Believe- Naliaka Brenda . My name is Naliaka Brenda and I’d like to thank Dorsila for sharing her space with me so I could share with you my sentiments. It’s such an honour. Have you ever told yourself a lie that it felt like the truth? The lies we tell ourselves Read more about The Lies We Choose to Believe – Naliaka Brenda[…]

own your life


23 Practical Ways To OWN YOUR LIFE.   At some point in your life, you will have to recognize and admit that this is your life and you are completely responsible for how it turns out in the years to come. I know this can be both liberating and scary and that is okay. For Read more about 23 PRACTICAL WAYS TO OWN YOUR LIFE.[…]



  Well, well, well.Friendships! You know how a majority say it is hard to have and to keep a female friend. I’d like to differ a little bit. Girls too can be fun and so much loving and everything one could be looking for in a friend. Honestly, there is nothing specific on what to Read more about THE SQUAD JOURNEY TO FRIENDSHIP.[…]

Intentional Living

Five Keys to Intentional Living

What comes to mind when I think of the phrase intentional living ? Reliability Dependable Time conscious/Punctual Resilience Focus Purpose driven These are things I hold to great esteem and qualities I admire most in people and values I work on daily.Some days I thrive in intentional living  while on other days I ask myself Read more about Five Keys to Intentional Living[…]

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