4 Positive Things You Should Do Before 2019 Ends.

4 Things You Should Do Before The End of The Year


2019 is speedily coming to a beautiful close. I know we had (still have) goals and expectations that we set when the year began and with approximately 7-8 weeks to the year coming to an end, it is easy for us to get into this pathetic self-agonizing slump, beating ourselves up for all the things we could have done, things we messed up or completely lost.

These  11 months could have been anything from periods of depression, illness, death, loss of business, unplanned pregnancy, heartbreak with a balance of love, joy, wealth, health, lessons, new opportunities, relationships, success and business launches. You name it! 


I want to remind you that, YOU ARE STILL HERE! That in itself is enough! Dare I  challenge you to do these 4 positive things that will not only help you put the year into perspective but also help you get into 2020 with a healthier and better mindset? Here we go!


2019 hasn’t been all bad! The year might have brought some pain but even in the pain, there are things that we can be grateful for. I encourage you to take some time and come up with a list of things that you are grateful for. It doesn’t matter how small these things might  seem.No one is comparing! If it means something to you, then it is important! You can be grateful.



Be thankful for all the things that worked out, the things that you felt you did not deserve and yet you somehow have them, the things that did not work out in the beginning but worked out for your good in the end. Be grateful for the pain that taught you to be present, to feel and express. The pain that reminded you of your humanity. Thank God for the new connections and even the ones that you lost. 


2. Release the negativity.

Holding on to anger, pain, envy and all these negative energies don’t add any value to our lives. A lot of these negative emotions get stored up in our physical bodies and end up affecting our general physical and mental health. “Feel the emotion and let it go.” my coach would advise. All emotions demand to be felt. We hold onto the uncomfortable ones by doing all we can to suppress them. Most times, we do this in unhealthy ways.


Pain is inevitable

Suffering is an option

Haruki Murakami


Having a bad episode of your life on replay in your head is what we call self-inflicted suffering. Teach your heart to feel the pain, shame, heartbreak, regret, betrayal, anger when it demands to be felt. Give it a name. Trace it in your body. It can be a clench in your stomach, or a knot on your throat, sweaty palms or shaky legs. Feel it, breath in and let it out through the mouth each time these emotions show up. Breathing reminds you that you are alive and that those emotions will not/ cannot kill you.



3. Plan out 2020.

2019 should not stop you from dreaming and planning for 2020. Let all that you take away from this year’s experiences steer you into an even better future. I know, fear can get in the way, but read this previous post I shared on reaching for your dreams HERE and then come back. 


Why should you write down your goals and 2020 resolutions now?


I believe the best time to plan is now because it’s easy to get sidetracked by what other people want and desire once the #NewYearNewResolutions hashtag starts streaming in on all social media platforms. There is a high possibility of writing down things that are projected onto you that are unimportant and that you do not want or desire. I suggest sitting and writing down what you want when all the voices are still quiet. Afford yourself some form of clarity and centredness.


Planning out 2020 is also a process of taking inventory of 2019. This is the time to assess how you did in all areas of your life and coming up with strategies that are specific for you so that you can have more wins in the coming year.






For example, I am planning out content for 2020 by assessing how well the content I posted this year was received and the impact it had. That way I can create content that you would love to read about in the coming year.

Planning for 2020 now will allow you to just get into action mode once the year starts. More like, being in the right place, at the right time doing exactly what you need to be doing. I hate planning for Monday on Monday. I feel more centred when I plan out my week on Sunday. I am less hurried, anxious and confused. The same principle applies here. Plan now to avoid comparing yourself to what everyone else is doing, feeling hurried, overwhelmed and confused when the year starts.

Plan your business, finances, personal life and every other thing that will require your intentional attention.



4. Create a useful story out of 2019 to serve your 2020.

Nothing has meaning until we give it meaning. All our experiences find meaning in our conscious and subconscious mind. We attach meaning to them and this affects how we show up. 2019 can either be the year of failure or lessons. We get to decide that! How powerful! We get to decide how we respond to criticism or hate we got! We either allow it to grow us or cave us. We get to own our response and this determines how we will show up in the new year. 


Bonus tip: Do not let CHANCE be the determiner of how well you live your life. The principle of cause and effect reminds us that we are to a very big extent responsible for our lives. This is a good thing! It means that we can create the life, mindset and results that we truly desire. We can live out our highest convictions, dreams and create the joy that we long for.We always have choices! 

Stay Relatable Forever!


My name is Dorsila and I run an award-winning blog (BAKE AWARDS: Best New Blog 2019) at thatgirlrelatable.co.ke that focuses on helping men and women live their best authentic lives. I am also a certified life coach. I help men and women get unstuck, own and create the life they desire. Click here to get to know more and book yourself a free session. I cannot wait to meet you.

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