Don’t fret, you are in safe hands! Your dreams are meant to cause your heart to leap with both fear and excitement. Our dreams are sacred, pure and an answer to not only you but also to the world. Our mundane lives and hustle(because LIFE) are constantly competing with this bright and warm light floating from our legs all the way up to our hearts and soul. This light convinces a part of us that the dream/that life can exist in this world.

Keep feeling the warmth of this bright light and allow it to guide you.

Here are 3 things that can sabotage you but could actually work to your advantage when it comes to living the life you have envisioned for yourself.

                                              1)  Sacred Fear

Failure is inevitable. It is bound to happen. We are scared of it because we have expectations that we have placed on ourselves and an audience that is also not immune to it place their crazy expectations on us. Fear of failure looks like jobs we did not apply to, relationships we never worked on, businesses we never started, liberating conversations we never had, help we did not ask for and lives we only dream of.



I believe we fail ourselves more than situations, attempts and showing up fails us. The fear we feel when envisioning a more meaningful life (dreams/goals) is meant to help us recognize the sacred ability we have to create a better reality not just for ourselves but also for the world. It is the power we have within us to do this that completely awes us and throws us off balance. This sacred fear is not meant to shrink us into timidity and complacency. It is not meant to push us into this wallowing, self-loathing path of how hard everything is, the harsh economic times we are in or our not so supportive environment. This fear demands that you acknowledge the power, vulnerability, creativity, tears, lessons masquerading as mistakes and the unpredictable journey it may be to get to actualizing our dreams. I challenge you to see this sacred fear for what it is and allow yourself to embrace the power and responsibility that you have towards creating the life you desire. You see it because it exists.

                            2) Let The SHAME go!

It is too far-fetched! I mean, look at me, where I am at and God, have you seen my bank account? Well, these are very normal thoughts to have but might I suggest that it is OKAY to not know the exact, unrealistically scripted and flawless ‘HOW TO’ when it comes to figuring out this path? This SHAME  we have of ‘not knowing’ can surely cause us to never find out. I believe that we need to let go of this shame attached to not knowing and embrace the power that it has, which is an opportunity to learn.




The first step would be to align ourselves mentally with our goals and dreams and this will automatically set us on a path that we are interested in. You have to believe that what you desire is possible for you. That’s the first step. If it is writing, you have to believe that you can (learn how to) write, then that thought produces a good feeling that you ride on and start writing.  Years or months later we are reading your book/blogs/articles and can’t stop marvelling about your genius! 


Marie Forleo breaks   this  down  as the process of creation:

Thought–Feeling- -Action– Results.


Our mindset is really the driving force here because it determines whether we will get to the action part or not. The mental alignment will also allow us to see how the things we already have and the situations we are in can work for us with regards to attaining the goal.

                                 3) Gosh, I am MAKING A SCENE!

I was at a wedding and this amazing lady approached me. We are facebook friends/(friends with one of my bosses too) and we were glad to finally meet in person. We started talking about how “hard” it is to start anything at home because everyone who knows you and whose opinion means a lot to you is right there watching you fail, make a fool of yourself, lose, win and basically the whole rollercoaster of pursuing a dream.

We understood very well that walking this path is making a spectacle of yourself and I get how that can be nerve-wracking. But here’s the thing, the bright light that is within us will still shine through even when we fall, lose and are dead ass convinced that we made a fool of ourselves. Those around us will connect to that light as you work it and create clarity for yourself. That is the power of humanity.





Therefore, keep stepping out. Keep making a scene. You are in good hands and God knows that you are the spark needed to light up a few souls out there. And remember, not everyone who is watching is waiting to kick you when you are down.

My name is Dorsila and I run an award-winning blog (BAKE AWARDS: Best New Blog 2019) at thatgirlrelatable.co.ke that focuses on helping men and women live their best authentic lives. I am also a certified life coach. I help men and women get unstuck, own and create the life they desire. Click here to get to know more and book yourself a free session. I cannot wait to meet you.

Stay Relatable Forever!


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