How women shoot themselves in the foot.

Joan Thatiah is one woman that has such a stern way of writing  “truth” in a world that isn’t particularly interested in hearing it. Picking this book up and committing myself to reading it was inviting Joan to question a few thought patterns that I have picked up throughout my young life. It is such a humbling and empowering read and I DO RECOMMEND this book to all the women out there navigating through relationships, career, motherhood and life in general.

Because Damn, we need to stop doing some things at some point, right?


Damn Girl Stop That has had such a huge impact on me and it is a book that I  definitely will read so many times in my different seasons of womanhood to encourage, motivate and remind me to stop a few things! 


Here are 20 BRIEF Lessons I got from Damn Girl, Stop that…….


  1. Own your life as a woman.

  2. My mother was not a doormat.

  3. Live within your means.

  4. ‘Sponsors’ are not dumb.

  5. Heels and the clout created around it is overrated.

  6. Being myself is OKAY.

  7. It’s okay to let him know you like him back as soon as you know you do.

  8. It is really about me and the life I chose,70 years from now and not about him.

  9. Marriage has no timeline.

  10. Romantic relationships DO NOT define us.

  11. Expect more from the men in your life.

  12. Decide! Decide! Decide! For yourself.

  13. Alcohol is not an indicator of opulence.

  14. Different men want different things. Forget society’s idea of “wife material”

  15. Do NOT lie about sexual assault.

  16. I am human. I cannot fulfil all his hopes.

  17. DO NOT get pregnant to move the relationship.

  18. DO NOT apologise for him.

  19. Relationships are not for perfect people.

  20. The narrative presented on single motherhood on IG is different from real life, go with real life. It is not easy.



The above are my takeaways for now! I hope you read the book and take something home for yourself too. 🙂

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