It has been a weird couple of weeks and as much as I asked my friends on IG to replace I feel lost with I am on a path to finding myself, it’s kind of embarrassing to openly confess of just how much I am struggling with this truthful affirmation. 

It has been such a struggle for me to do some of the things that I really enjoy doing and for a long time given me a sense of purpose. Creating relatable and authentic content for this blog, offering coaching services, church, friends and even my 9-5 felt like so much work and to be honest, all I wanted to do was stay in bed and not think about any of it.


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“It felt like I had written my very last blog post.”

Each time I’d sit down to write, it felt like standing stark naked in front of an audience and I would slowly put my pen down and cover my vulnerability. Writing and content creation is something that is so very personal to me and I literally share a lot of it from my personal experiences, thoughts and even my personal journal. Being seen is hard but craved by each one of us. As much as I was running away from it, I knew that the only way that I can impactfully share on this platform is from courage and authenticity by allowing myself to be seen.


I found out what I was running away from. Yes! It sure was- Growth and change. Sound familiar? I know that I need to allow myself to grow in all these areas of my life and oh my, I have surely been feeling the discomfort. I had and still do have a vision for all these parts of who I am. And as much as I am grateful for the far that I have come with just a few resources that are at my disposal, I know that there is still a lot more that I can and desire to do by the grace of God. It will need me to put myself out there a lot more. “Myself “–is basically my heart, my thoughts, lessons, passions, dreams, hopes and ambition with the hope that there is an audience that will catch me from falling. 


A lot of you are starting businesses, looking for jobs or better jobs, trying to love and be loved, trying to save or even going back to school. We are all trying to somewhat level up and every time we look at how far we have come we are not only terrified of falling skies but of the challenges that lie at the new level. This fear and anxiety can paralyse us from taking any necessary actionable steps with the ever haunting thoughts that the ground will crumble and sink us in.

Here are a few things that I have reminded myself and keep reminding myself as I keep levelling up!


  1. I am qualified for the work that I do and the dreams imprinted on my heart. If I wasn’t, then they would not have been given to me but someone else. I am grateful that they were given to me as a seed and now I GET to put in the work, the sweat, the courage and the sacred work to grow them. I am grateful that it will not just be about me but will require me to involve others to support and create a community around it.
  2. I am truthful, not just about my weakness but about my strengths and capabilities as well. I am awfully flawed but so damn magical! It would be a disservice to the world if I only focused on what I am not.  
  3. Everyone has a belly button and I’d say the same thing about opinions. We all have one. It is surely a lost cause if I try to make everyone happy, satisfied and comfortable. It doesn’t mean to disregard all of them but trying to please and perform for approval is just a dance that we will not be taking part in.

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  4. I will get there. I will get it! And it is going to be beautiful, worth it and wonderful. Whatever it is I am hoping for. I will get more than I put in because -GOD! He will bless the little that is in my hands and multiply it! And because of that alone! I will do more!
  5. I accept everything that comes with this life! And if I am going to do more, then I have to be at peace and not necessarily comfortable with the waves of life. I accept that life will be good, there will be laughter, hope and great amazing times. I also accept that it will be hard, that tears will be shed and the need for painful but fruitful perseverance. I am here for it all. 
  6. I get nothing if I do not put my hand in it and I will definitely get something out of it even if I try and fail. I’ll fail forward. I’ll get into the arena and challenge fear. I’ll fight it out. On some days I’ll win and I’ll celebrate. On the days I don’t get into the arena, I will let my support system push me in and invite them to hold me up. I do not have to do it all alone.
  7. I will be courageous enough to stand next to success without intimidation and sit with admirers without pride. I will learn and teach wholeheartedly without removing any bit of value and worth within me. I will remain open to see others and to be seen.
  8. Dreaming is risky. So is loving! So is believing! And so is anything worth doing! To risk is to discover. Focus on the discovery and jump! Jump right into that job, passion project, volunteer work, high paying job or not so high paying job. Yeah, it is scary but not discovering is way worse.

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  9.  It is okay to start over. Yes, a lot of things don’t work out but on the flip side, a lot of things do work out as well. Pain can co-exist with joy. It’s okay to sit with both of them and look forward. Starting over is not a weakness or something that anyone should shame me about. It is evidence that I am alive and listening to the voice within me that says, “You can do it!” and walking right into it. Keep walking right into it! I beg you!
  10. When everything is silent, oh God please remind me of my resilience! Remind me of all the things that I did that took every ounce of courage within me whether I succeeded or not. Remind me of the mental, financial, physical challenges that did not cave me. Remind me that the journey is definitely messy and mistake-ridden but it makes the destination so much worth it.


The air that I breathe exists to inspire, motivate and encourage you! These words are so alive in my spirit and heart that my eyes are welling up as I type. I am convinced that someone needs to hear these words and speak them out loud to themselves. Apply for that job, start that business, write that song, record that youtube video, take that course and write that blog! Look within yourself and see all that you have and forget all that you don’t. 

I am not saying that it will not be hard, tiresome and at times confusing but I assure you it will be really worth your time and life! 

I am excited about my life! All of it! The right things that I will definitely do and all the mistakes and consequences that come with it! If we could filter this life, then we would be lacking a fuller experience. I am committing myself to do more and I hope you do so too.

My name is Dorsila and I run an award-winning blog (BAKE AWARDS: Best New Blog 2019) at that focuses on helping men and women live their best authentic lives. I am also a certified life coach. I help men and women get unstuck, own and create the life they desire. Click here to get to know more and book yourself a free session. I cannot wait to meet you.


Stay Relatable Forever!

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