Today is my 27th birthday and to be honest I have already shared a lot of lessons on here. It’s time for a FUN GET TO KNOW ME break! 

27 doesn’t scare me! I thought it would paralyze me, BUT, on the contrary, I am so GRATEFUL for this life and the opportunity to do the things I love. To meet amazing people that inspire motivate and challenge me. Beautiful humans that I end up loving and building lasting connections with. I am very grateful. 


OKAY, Here we go,


  1. Authenticity is definitely my favourite word. It has been for a while now.

  2. I love people a bit too much. It’s almost an epidemic. Lol

  3. I audibly talk to myself. Especially in the morning when I’m getting ready to leave the house. Nana (sister)  hates it so much!

  4. I am obsessed with personal development. 

  5. I have a really good feeling about 27.

  6. My saddest days were when my dad was really sick. He is doing well and I am grateful.

  7. Just found out that I am an INFJ-T and it explains a lot of things about how I show up in the world.

  8. I overthink and over-analyze. Making decisions is hard for me.

  9. People really enjoy my hugs and find me generally warm.

  10.  My favourite parts of my body are definitely my curves, eyes and thighs. I like my legs too.

  11. Daddy’s girl.

  12. Started blogging and writing in 2013 and I am definitely evolving.

  13. Fav snack: Carrot Cake

  14. I crave to live my truth but really struggle to because I always want others to be really happy and comfortable around me.

  15. I am not in a relationship but there is someone I really like. Hey, handsome! *wink

  16. FAV all-time show: Greys Anatomy

  17. Music gives me goosebumps, warm feeling inside and inspiration.

  18. I hate criticism. For one productive critical statement please give me 10 compliments and maybe for the next 2yrs I will not obssess over that one thing I could have done

  19. I am choosing myself a little bit more than I did. It feels really good.

  20. Barcelona & Italy are definitely my travel destinations.

  21. Reading makes me whole, especially by the beach.

  22. I want to be really wealthy and have nice stuff.haha

  23. I am writing a book, interested in pursuing a masters in psychology/coaching, passionate about tech, wanna run a business and raise at most 4 amazing babies. Of course with a man that I’m completely obsessed about.

  24. Terrified of heights, slippery slopes and anything I have to climb.

  25.  Yes, I  occasionally have a drink or two or three lol! 

  26. My first kiss was outside our house and it involved a lot of teeth. HAHA . He is a ‘ratchet’ musician today. Lol! No, I wouldn’t date him again.

  27. I love hard. Feel too much. And crave human connection. Of course, it goes without saying that I struggle with setting boundaries.


I speak peace, love and wealth into 27. I know it will be a year that I will discover and see God in a new and beautiful light. It’s an year of growth and living in truth. The year of growing a business, helping others and crushing goals. It’s the year that I will listen and walk into greatness. 27 will be better than good to me! I hope to stay relatable forever! 

Thank you for being here and you guys are such a huge part of my life. 

Stay relatable forever!

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