40 Relatable Ideas for your Morning Routine

40 Relatable Ideas for your Morning Routine



What comes to mind when you think about the word routine? I know what comes to my mind! I think boring, stuff I really don’t want to do and places I don’t want to be at. All my life, somebody picked a routine for me. Growing up, we had a routine. Wake up, make your bed, brush teeth, breakfast and head out to school. Then came high school! Each day was and felt the same! I resented routines and was elated when campus came and I got to decide what, when, why and how I would do it. 




But, even in this newfound campus freedom, I slowly and surely flowed into a routine and I noticed that I achieved my set goals in most semesters where I had a routine that I was committed to. The difference was that there was no one on my back about it. Not my mom or a teacher on duty. It was very clear to me then that routines are effective!

The real struggle came when adulting required that I get a job and it felt like going back to where we started only now, the HR department, deadlines and customers became my new accountability partners. It was great until one day I realized that all I did with my life was show up at an office, serve, go home and press repeat. I loved my job, but as much as this area of my life was seemingly thriving, I had really abandoned ME! Dorsila, the one that does not need to strive.The one that just needs to exist in BEING.

Building a mindful morning routine for me became a way of building the best way of ensuring that I am BEING me daily. I do this because I desire to ensure that I am not defined by the goals I set, my job, my amazing boyfriend *wink and my crazy but lovable family or whatever else. My morning routine is the time that I SAY HI! to myself and search where my heart, mind and soul is. I call it, time to centre your heart, mind and soul to allow you to contribute to the world and all the people connected to you in a more present and even delightful way. 

A mindful morning routine is nothing special in terms of activity but very special with regards to effectiveness and achieving a state of presence in your life. It helps you connect with that which is really important to you. It also makes practising gratitude much easier. Morning routines vary and the beauty of it is that you get to choose an activity that works for you in terms of the benefits gained, your unique schedule and one that gives you the most joy.





  1. 30-minute morning exercise.

  2. Healthy breakfast.

  3. Going for a walk.

  4. 5 MIN journaling.

  5. Prayer

  6. Stretching exercises.

  7. Meditation

  8. Hydrate

  9. Cup of coffee/tea

  10. Hug a pet/loved one

  11. Listen to some music

  12. Drink a smoothie

  13. Keep a gratitude journal/jar

  14. Plan out your day.

  15. Read 10 pages of a book you like.

  16. Look at yourself in the mirror and smile.

  17. Dress up and do some make up.

  18. Open the windows and let some air in!

  19. Make your bed.

  20. Hot/Cold shower.

  21. Listen to a podcast.

  22. Write down your intentions for the day.

  23. Dance

  24. Read a poem

  25. Reflect on a quote or a verse.

  26. Take an online course.

  27. Learn a new word.

  28. Affirmations

  29. Breathing exercises.

  30. Walk barefoot outside.

  31. Pack a healthy meal.

  32. Sing in the shower.

  33. Blog/Write

  34. Keep phone on silent.

  35. Avoid Social Media

  36. 5 MIN declutter.

  37. Call your bestfriend/brother/mom or dad.

  38. Diffuse oils.

  39. Enjoy the sun.

  40. Decide today will be amazing.



My name is Dorsila and I run an award-winning blog (BAKE AWARDS: Best New Blog 2019) at thatgirlrelatable.co.ke that focuses on helping men and women live their best authentic lives. I am also a certified life coach. I help men and women get unstuck, own and create the life they desire. Click here to get to know more and book yourself a free session. I cannot wait to meet you.


Stay Relatable Forever.


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