How to Start a Gratitude Jar 2019

I know this will sound stupid, but I actually take time to look at myself in the mirror especially in the morning before I leave for work and I say these things to myself   You are enough You are so beautiful Gosh, look at that smile You are so blessed! Dang! Look at those Read more about How to Start a Gratitude Jar 2019[…]

How To Be Intentional in Your Relationships Today.

Sometimes it feels like we’re ill-equipped to handle love of any kind. Stacy Mackey says this just isn’t so. This is a lesson in intentional relationships. What do you know about being in a relationship? How did you come by that knowledge? Much like swimming, chances are, you were thrown into the deep end of Read more about How To Be Intentional in Your Relationships Today.[…]

Dont lose yourself

How Not to Lose Yourself in your Dating Season

Dating, meeting new people and socializing is definitely an exciting experience. Personally, I am super excited when there is that instant connection with another human being. Similar interests, taste or style definitely makes the best conversation topics. Different opinions and views make the best opportunities for introspection, self-discovery and self- awareness. Human beings were created Read more about How Not to Lose Yourself in your Dating Season[…]

Lies that christians tell themselves

3 Lies That The Modern Christian Tell Themselves.

Wait! Do I tell myself the truth? I’d love to believe I do. In a world and generation that screams, ‘Stick to your truth!’ It is very easy to end up living your truth and a lie, all in the same breathe. Everyone around us is urging us to run. To run away from people’s Read more about 3 Lies That The Modern Christian Tell Themselves.[…]

Find yourself

7 Powerful Keys to Finding Yourself.

As a 25 year old,i can definitely say there isn’t a manual on “how to know yourself”.It is more like,”lets find out as we go” type of thing. What i will tell you is this! It is a beautiful journey. I will be sharing with you things that have helped me find myself.I will say,they Read more about 7 Powerful Keys to Finding Yourself.[…]

Book Review: Your Life Your Thinking by Victor Muniu

Understanding the function of the mind and how it affects our lives has definitely been a subject of conversation today.Your Life Your Thinking is a read that all can greatly benefit especially  in pursuit of understanding how our thought process determines how we enjoy today,perceive tomorrow and live life in general.The author uses relatable life Read more about Book Review: Your Life Your Thinking by Victor Muniu[…]

7 Day Monthly Journal Challenge: March 2018

Hi Relatables! I officially welcome you to this space created especially with you in mind.Its our very first 7 Day Monthly Journal challenge that will push you closer to your goals,self-discovery and others.To start us off here are 5 reasons why journaling is good  great for you. Allows us to be intentional and accountable. Its Read more about 7 Day Monthly Journal Challenge: March 2018[…]

She is Knot Free

See through windows and locked closets mirror our lives. We try to shut ourselves in.To hide our scarss and deepest secrets.We do not want anyone to know who we are and where we really are.We disappear in ourselves and the notion that we are all alone. The wind carrying that wave of fresh air,life and Read more about She is Knot Free[…]

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