How to Start a Gratitude Jar 2019

I know this will sound stupid, but I actually take time to look at myself in the mirror especially in the morning before I leave for work and I say these things to myself


You are enough

You are so beautiful

Gosh, look at that smile

You are so blessed!

Dang! Look at those curves!

You got this!

Hey, sexy! Lol! (actually, wink at myself)


I actually did this today morning! And it felt so good! It felt so great appreciating the things I have, the things I am and the common blessings that go unnoticed. I have to say that It did feel weird, actually, I felt like a total goof! I totally am! Gratitude does not come naturally for me and i am sure it doesn’t for you too. We live extremely anxious lives today more than ever and gratitude is one of the things that allow us to appreciate who we are, what we have and even gasses us for whatever ambitions and desires that we may have!


It legit works my relatables!



Today, I want to share how to practise gratitude even better than I did today in the morning. This method is more intentional, in your face, colourful and so damn fulfilling! It’s the GRATITUDE JAR relatables! I made one last year and you can read all about it here.


What You Will Need!


  1. A  Nutella/Peanut/ Dapper Monkey socks Jar!

No need to buy! I’m sure you have a licked out nutella/peanut butter jar (especially if you have kids around lol or not *wink) lying around somewhere. That would be enough to start this project! Any clear jar would be good! Make sure you clean it out and it has a lid!


2) Personality

I know we are on the minimalistic side of things in this century, so there would be no need to decorate your jar if you do not want to! But you can decorate your jar with ribbons, labels or whatever else your crazy mind wants to do to express your creativity. Go for it!



3) Gratitude Coins

Your coins are the letters or short notes documenting what you are grateful for, accomplishments, light bulb moments, affirmations, verses etc. You just need some cute sticky notes for the colour effect. You can find these in any store around you that is #woke to these #gratitudetimes HAHA! Go get your #gratitudecoins sis!





4) Gratitude

You cannot have a gratitude jar if you are not grateful! You will only have a jar with no coins! It’s the coins that matter! So, to be grateful, you will need to be present! Present to all the good amazing things happening in your life.The amazing progress you are making!The daily mundane things that are taken for granted! They do not need to be these big crazy things. They can be small things like ”Today I went for a run and it felt so good to leave the house”


Your gratitude jar is yours and no one determines whats big or small apart from you! It’s a judgement free zone and allows you to achieve much more! It documents the little things that contribute to your bigger picture! See how my 2018 gratitude did for my life here.


Thrive from within Relatables!

I challenge you to create your #gratitudejar  take a picture of it and tag us on our social media pages on Instagram or Facebook!@thatgirlrelatable We would love to give you a shout out! If you already have one, please tell us why you keep one or whatever else and tag us! We would love to shout you out too!

As always, stay relatable forever! Any thoughts? Let me know on the comments section!

Love you all!

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