Achieve More Goals With A Gratitude Jar in 2019


I can feel it in my bones and in my heart that this year has not begun like last year. January last year a time like this, I can confidently say that I was a mess, with regard to the thought of ‘beginning again’’. It was especially nerve-wracking because of all the fear and anxiety that I had within me. Would this job work out? Will this relationship work? Will I move out? Will I get back on youtube? Will this website thing work? To be honest, I was already tired as the year begun. I know a lot of people are so hopeful during this time of the year, but I also know without a doubt that a whole lot of you are so anxious because of the unpredictability of life. I know many are scared and terrified of facing the world after a few weeks of resting and detoxing from the normal routines in our lives.



Last year I kept a small gratitude jar (a jar filled with sticky notes documenting achievements/things I’m happy about/accomplished throughout the year) because I wanted to be intentional about living a grateful life.


I picked a small jar because I wanted to start small and with less pressure. Well, I was able to fill the jar and today I just want to share a few things that I have saved in gratefulness to encourage you all that 365 days may seem like a lot and blessings can hide in there and go unnoticed.


  1. Blog Launch

Last year this website was launched and I was not so sure that it would withstand the test of time, but I recorded the day that I bought the hosting to the day that it was launched; all in gratitude. To see what the site has become and is becoming gives me so much courage to keep investing my time and resources into inspiring, encouraging and motivating in all authenticity.

thatgirlrelatable has a bomb ass coming soon page and will go live soon! I am proud of it! I am pursuing it! 1/5/2018


2 .Relationships and Connections.

  There were definitely some ‘Thank you, Next” recorded there! Relationships that broke my heart that I had to let go for the good of humanity and ones that I fought for so hard regardless of misunderstandings and whatever else that was threatening their survival.

There are connections that made 2018 so worthwhile! I do not know what that year would have been without the positive energy, support and love! This I am so grateful for.I wrote their names and just the light that they brought into my life! So good to read through the notes!


3) Health Goals!

 Guys, I knew I could gain weight! No doubt about that whatsoever! LOL! Although I did not know the level of control I had in this area! It felt so good depositing my small but big accomplishments into my gratitude jar! From sugar fast, to intermittent fasting, to a total diet change and the weight transformation as little as it may be. Depositing my gratitude coins through this journey made me feel so good and reading through them gives me so much so much courage and hope and encouragement for whatever health goals that I may have for this year!

So it’s day 15 on th 23/02/2018. Oh i dont think i am seeing the changes that i want,but i am staying the course and i am winning today.I am learning about my bodyand finding out what works.My face looks bomb. Haven’t drank soda or ate cake for 15 days


4) Healing and Self- Awareness

When you have a loved one that is going through a hard time, it is so hard to just stay positive. So, depositing gratitude coins of each and every progress made through the struggle mentally, emotionally or physically allowed me to be aware of the blessing of health and God working on our behalf! 2018 was no doubt hard for me and my family but i swear reading through the gratitude coins made me realize just how much progress and healing we have received! So grateful and thankful to God!

I realized just how much aware of who I am as a person and the things that I want out of my life! I wrote verses to myself and affirmations as gratitude coins. Reading through them reminded me of the lessons I learnt that I need to hold onto even as the year progresses.




My gratitude jar did not capture everything that I definitely was grateful for but it proved to me that IT TOTALLY WORKS!!!! So I am getting myself a bigger gratitude jar and will be depositing more gratitude coins this year! Read this post here on how to make your gratitude jar and why you should make one asap! Happy New Year RELATABLES!

Stay forever relatable!





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