5 Things Every Kenyan Woman Should Have to Help Her Conquer 2019



There are things that every woman should have to help her along her journey! It is not easy being a woman and let’s face it, we need all the help we can get. Here are a few, things every woman needs to help her conquer!


1) Another Woman.

Don’t roll your eyes at me, Felicia! Lol.



I know, it cannot just be any woman. It needs to be someone that inspires you in any aspect of your life. Be it your career, character or achievements. That one woman that we can relate to and see if not ourselves in them but attributes of who we would love to become. I have a few women under my belt that I look to for inspiration. If you get an opportunity to glean from these women, please do! And if you get to be her, make it easy.


2) A secret oasis

I disappear to this place a few times monthly.


It’s a nice full-view corner at Java. I get my favourite cup of coffee with some delicious carrot cake. I go there to declutter and de-noise. To hear myself think and find out how I am coping with all the chaos that may be around me. I write my thoughts and choose my own playlist. For you, it could be a long warm bath with your favourite bath bombs or changing into your pyjamas and doing your nails. I believe that we all need that place where we meet with ourselves occasionally.



This cannot be any type of group of girls.Consistency is key! Here are tips on building your own girl gang! Your girl gang should consist of people that you can easily allow into your inner-circle. People that remind you of your inner magic when you’ve forgotten just how amazing you are. Although to have good friends, you need to be a good friend. Here is a post on being a great friend. 





4) A Health Ritual

Real talk! There are so many health issues that affect women today more than ever. Doing something small for your health every day or weekly is better than not doing anything at all. It could be taking your vitamins, drinking detox water, working out, dancing or the keto diet. It literally could be anything that can be done consistently that contributes to your general physical health. Sometimes we set goals that are too high and we struggle with following through. You can start small and achieve way more. Stop trying to climb Kilimanjaro and start with that detox drink.



5) Affirmation Ritual



You can never get tired of affirming who you are! It goes without saying that there are so many voices trying to define who a woman is or isn’t. Everybody has an opinion about who you are and should be! Your life cannot be run by what people are thinking and saying. Get your life off social media and the blogs *apartfromthisone *wink  Sometimes the voices become so loud that we definitely need to talk loudly to ourselves. I stand occasionally in front of the mirror and affirm who I am!

You are strong

You are beautiful!

You can do it!

Dont know where to start; access a free 21 daily affirmation guide You’ll thank me later!

Are these essentials helpful?

Please let us know down below! Also, please share your 2019 essential with our #relatablegang

As always, thank you for reading!

Stay Relatable forever!

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