Will You Be My Valentine?6 Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Valentine’s Day



“Will you be my Valentine?’’ I do not know how many Kenyan women or even men have been asked/have asked this question during this love season that is swiftly approaching. I personally have always been too shy to ask such corny questions! LOL.In a culture where we love silently and hate/troll clamourously, I think this year, this Valentine’s, we should celebrate the ones that we love not just succinctly but boldly using our actions and words.

Here’s why you should!


 1) A sweet excuse to spoil your Loved ones and Affirm your love for them.



You do not need a romantic relationship to celebrate love! Look at the love that you already have around you! Celebrate that love! Do you have a mom/step-mom/mom-in-love? A sister? Brother? Favourite aunty? Your crazy cousin?  Amazing house help? Best friend? Your dad? Yes, some of ya’ll will hit me with the “love is an everyday subtle thing” yeah, I hear you! But it does not hurt to love someone intentionally on a day whereby everybody is conscious about loving somebody. Some candy, flowers, a sweet note or actual vocalized, I love you! Cannot hurt anybody! If anything, it gives their day a little pomp! You would love it as much as they would too!


2) “Valentines is just like any other day!” WRONG!

Every day that we are alive is a special day to love and be loved. Agreed! I have had exes that did not put any effort on valentines day! It’s like they did not own a calendar!



This is the thing, it is not about how much money, but how much thought you put into it! While I planned and bought my sweet card, wrote my own poems in it and accompanied some chocolates with it, I got hit with a “happy valentines, you know I love you every day!” text. I was like, “ I want to be actively and loudly loved today” Imagine walking around Nairobi with all this effort of flowers, cards, dates and the dreaded red outfits in the air and not being a part of it in any way especially when your argument is already put to death by ‘it’s nothing special’.It just sucks to assume that your significant other does not care for a little effort on this day.


3) Spoil Yourself!

Love is an outflow from the springs of life within you. There is no love to give if none is deposited into us by ourselves. Especially for the ones that put everybody else’s needs before their own and are always making sure that everybody is feeling loved and taken cared of. You deserve to spoil yourself without feeling a tiny bit of guilt! Buy yourself some flowers, watch a movie, get your nails done, have some cake or a glass of wine. Do that thing that you would easily do for others, for yourself. Celebrate the love that you have for yourself by putting a little more effort into you and spoiling yourself.



4) Author of Love

What is Valentines without the author of love Himself? I do not know what God thinks about St.Valentine the man, but I do know what He says about love! His gift to us. As we get awed by love, we get awed by Him. We all have that special Valentine! Guys, we have so much love poured out to us. Go ahead and write Him a letter or read His letters to you. Sing to Him and tell Him you love Him. Think about this amazing love! Thank Him that you get to experience a glimpse of love through those around you. It is not about being over spiritual. It’s just an acknowledgement of love and reciprocating.




5) A pretty good reason to be intimate.

Well, are there married folks reading this? There is a lot that goes on in marriage and this would be a perfect time to take advantage of the love that is already in the air. Remind yourselves why you chose each other, forgive each other and be intentional about celebrating and loving each other.


For my singles, please remember that just because he goes all out on letting you know how much you are loved this Valentines, it does not entitle him to sex. No one should pull that card on you! You shouldn’t have that pressure, especially for my young impressionable relatables on here! There are so many other ways that you can express your love and reciprocate without that type of intimacy. Always remember that you have a choice. Make the right one for yourself and stay safe!

The SECRET is that we keep doing these things even more often throughout the year! *wink*



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Thank you for reading! Share with your sister/brother/mom/hubby/wifey!
As usual! Stay relatable forever!


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