7 Powerful Keys to Finding Yourself.

As a 25 year old,i can definitely say there isn’t a manual on “how to know yourself”.It is more like,”lets find out as we go” type of thing. What i will tell you is this! It is a beautiful journey.

I will be sharing with you things that have helped me find myself.I will say,they are probably not applicable to everybody as we all have different journeys. But you may resonate with one or two things and somehow welcome them into your life.

1. Be open to new experiences.

I have come to learn that you can’t really know the extent of who you are until you have exposed yourself to various experiences. Be open to new ideas,accept them and run with them.Allow yourself to be flexible especially in uncomfortable situations.Open your mind to new and fresh perspectives.Your lens alone is limiting.Borrow a few lenses here and there and see the world differently.

2. Allow yourself to make mistakes.

As much as we might not like to hear this,majority of the time, we learn by making mistakes. We can’t pretend that we know everything.We will make mistakes.Okay.Some bigger than others,but that is how we learn.

3. Read more!

What better way to find yourself than expanding your knowledge. Read about other peoples stories, the things they went through on their journey to becoming. Read self-help books,biographies and novels.Grow your mind and way of thinking. It is totally worth it!

4. Travel!

Travelling brings everything into perspective. Being out in the world exploring places,things,foods and people makes you know not only what is out there but that which lies within you.Be open to new cultures.Slow down,experience and feel it. Try out new foods and learn a new language.

5. Take Risks.

You only know the true extent of what you are capable when you throw yourself into the deep end. Taking a risk.I know, it’s scary.Risks have a way of making you aware of the power,strength and courage that lies within you. You will survive it!More than anything,you will know what lies within.

6. Embrace who you are today.

The irony in this journey of finding yourself is that you never realize that you have already begun the journey.Finding yourself is never a destination but will forever be a journey. At times we need to slow down on this journey and take stock of who we already are as we dig deeper within ourselves.

7. Have a Spiritual Anchor.

There are things we go through on this journey that completely depletes us of everything within us to overcome.Having a spiritual anchor and in my case, having a relationship with God, puts a lot  of things into perspective. Once you have that relationship going,your purpose in life becomes more clear.

Those are some of my top tips! I hope you enjoyed reading.Leave a comment and let us know what are some of your top tips!

Debbie Mbaluka is a friend/contributor to the site and founder and lifestyle blogger at Debbies World a beautiful site where she shares her life,mistakes made,lessons learnt,future ambitions and new discoveries.

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