5 Ways To Respond To Love.

The best feeling in any relationship is not in giving a hug only, but being hugged right back. Love can be given, but it is in the response that makes it a full circle.When i would meet with my girlfriends for some ‘tea’ we would express just how much we long to be loved,after a rant about a guy. Thing is i never realized that i struggle with responding to love.And this greatly affected how i received love from others.I also realized that i do struggle with responding to God’s love.

This Easter,i know that God desires that we respond to His love.Here are 5 ways we can do that;

1) Accept.

I remember buying this boy chocolate that i would gift him on our date.I really wanted to qualify my love for him by gifting him with something i knew he would like.Only to reach our meet up destination and standing there for hours.I decided to call him,only for him to stand me up. Ya’ll… the nerve! At that moment i remembered how much i too enjoy chocolate.It was perfect for my sad little heart as i went back home.

God did not just confess His love for us.He qualified His confession. He gave something that meant a lot to Him in expression of His love and the lengths He would go.He gave us His only begotten son.So, we show up and we accept this qualified declaration of love.He doesn’t just say ‘I love you’.He says,i love you this much….

2) The HEART is better than the HAND.

I later was very grateful that he stood me up.I would have continued qualifying my love for him with sweet little gifts and he would have been tempted to stay but not because he liked me.No one desires to be loved because of their things,talent or even how they talk.We all desire to be loved because of who we are.Take me at my best and hold on to me even harder at my worst type of love is what we all long for.
God desires that we love Him too for who He is to us.To run to Him in good and bad.To talk to Him,just because! To sit in His presence even when He is quiet.Many people followed Jesus for great reasons,but not for a lasting one.Some for miracles,wisdom,food and others were just available.The ones that followed Him for who He was remained.God desires that we respond to His heart and not to his hand alone.

3) Remove the limits.

I was young and stupid.So the first time he said he loved me.I pictured forever in my mind. No limits.A child-like belief that we will be together forever.A beautiful forever.Through the good ,the bad and the ugly.Then, well, he didn’t show up ever again.So I  struggled with responding to love that was put forth by any guy after that.
At times we limit the love of God towards us.We doubt its width and depth.We doubt its forever.We wonder whether it will reach some parts of us that we are ashamed of.  You do agree with me that it feels amazing and liberating when someone really loves your weirdest quirks.Married gang? Yes? Shame just melts away. God desires to melt away the shame that lies within each of us,only when we trust him and remove the limits we have set around His love for us.He put it without limits,receive it as is.

4) I Just Can’t Stop Talking!

I know myself! I love talking about a guy i am dating especially when he is just being a great boyfriend.Yes? Almost, all women do.The  above mentioned experience was not talked about. You guessed right!It was buried just as i buried that chocolate in my tummy. Lol!
When we are excited about someone, we talk about them.When we can qualify their love for us,it makes it even a better story.God has done things for us personally that we need not be quiet about.We testify of His love and of His goodness! We need to notice when He is specifically giving us instructions and confirming things in our lives that only you and Him know about! He is a God that knows how to make His kids feel and know that they are special daily.We get to brag about Him!

5) If You Really Love Me…..

This is my favorite!It’s the last on my list today but not the least.I really desire to respond to the love that others pour into me in a way that they too not only feel loved but qualifies my love for them. We all have an “If you really love me……” here is Jesus’
John 14:15 Amplified Bible (AMP)

15 “If you [really] love Me, you will keep and obey My commandments.

His heart is that if we really love Him, we will obey Him.


We are loved by an amazing father to say the least. This Easter let us all bask in the warmth of His love,withholding nothing and in full response to Him!
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