7 Day Monthly Journal Challenge: April 2018: Authenticity.

Happy New Month Relatable Gang!

This month is exciting because we have partnered with fikiriimpact.com on our monthly 7 day journal challenge!

“Just be authentic” is a phrase that is very popular today. The world is tired of people not showing up as themselves.To be completely positive,people are also very much tired of having to lock out who they are whenever they show up in their various spaces of life.

What will happen when we decide to consciously  choose to be authentic and show up daily as you and only you.

Well,here we go:

  1. We will experience a higher sense of self.(who we are)
  2. Experience greater resilience.
  3. We will be better leaders.
  4. We will live on purpose.
  5. Have greater engagement and innovation.
  6. We will not only have courage but more compassion on ourselves.

Please join us on this challenge! And invite your friends and family!

If you decide to do it publicly,please tag us to be featured!



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