Intentional Living

Five Keys to Intentional Living

What comes to mind when I think of the phrase intentional living ? Reliability Dependable Time conscious/Punctual Resilience Focus Purpose driven These are things I hold to great esteem and qualities I admire most in people and values I work on daily.Some days I thrive in intentional living  while on other days I ask myself Read more about Five Keys to Intentional Living[…]

Find yourself

7 Powerful Keys to Finding Yourself.

As a 25 year old,i can definitely say there isn’t a manual on “how to know yourself”.It is more like,”lets find out as we go” type of thing. What i will tell you is this! It is a beautiful journey. I will be sharing with you things that have helped me find myself.I will say,they Read more about 7 Powerful Keys to Finding Yourself.[…]

7 Day Monthly Journal Challenge: March 2018

Hi Relatables! I officially welcome you to this space created especially with you in mind.Its our very first 7 Day Monthly Journal challenge that will push you closer to your goals,self-discovery and others.To start us off here are 5 reasons why journaling is good  great for you. Allows us to be intentional and accountable. Its Read more about 7 Day Monthly Journal Challenge: March 2018[…]

She is Knot Free

See through windows and locked closets mirror our lives. We try to shut ourselves in.To hide our scarss and deepest secrets.We do not want anyone to know who we are and where we really are.We disappear in ourselves and the notion that we are all alone. The wind carrying that wave of fresh air,life and Read more about She is Knot Free[…]

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