own your life


23 Practical Ways To OWN YOUR LIFE.   At some point in your life, you will have to recognize and admit that this is your life and you are completely responsible for how it turns out in the years to come. I know this can be both liberating and scary and that is okay. For Read more about 23 PRACTICAL WAYS TO OWN YOUR LIFE.[…]

Realistically live your purpose

How to Realistically Live out your Purpose.

How to Realistically Live out your Purpose. I know a lot of you are like me and have therefore asked this question so many times. I started searching seriously for this ‘magical’ answer when I was out of high school and it grew chronic in my college days. I have read blogs, I have gone Read more about How to Realistically Live out your Purpose.[…]

Self-Care Activities

40 Enjoyable Relatable Self-Care Activities

Self-Care should be enjoyable and we are here to make it relatable as well! Sharing these 40 activities is my way of sharing my love with all of you! A lot of people just hear about self-love and care and are left clueless about how to actually practice! I hope this post helps you to Read more about 40 Enjoyable Relatable Self-Care Activities[…]

How To Be Intentional in Your Relationships Today.

Sometimes it feels like we’re ill-equipped to handle love of any kind. Stacy Mackey says this just isn’t so. This is a lesson in intentional relationships. What do you know about being in a relationship? How did you come by that knowledge? Much like swimming, chances are, you were thrown into the deep end of Read more about How To Be Intentional in Your Relationships Today.[…]

Intentional Living

Five Keys to Intentional Living

What comes to mind when I think of the phrase intentional living ? Reliability Dependable Time conscious/Punctual Resilience Focus Purpose driven These are things I hold to great esteem and qualities I admire most in people and values I work on daily.Some days I thrive in intentional living  while on other days I ask myself Read more about Five Keys to Intentional Living[…]

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