40 Enjoyable Relatable Self-Care Activities

Self-Care should be enjoyable and we are here to make it relatable as well! Sharing these 40 activities is my way of sharing my love with all of you! A lot of people just hear about self-love and care and are left clueless about how to actually practice! I hope this post helps you to actively practice self-care. Disclaimer: Self-care is adventurous! Try out a few things and you will find the ones that will work for you!

Here we go!


  1. Wake up a few minutes earlier

  2. Drink more tea/infusions

  3. Go thrift shopping-Toi/Gikomba

  4. Walk barefooted-touch and feel the earth

  5. Smile at random strangers

  6. Give yourself permission to feel each emotion

  7. Share your feelings more often.

  8. Practice gratitude daily.

  9. Create art. -paint-draw etc

  10. Try out new recipes i.e Kaluhi’s Kitchen

  11. Read something in a matatu.

  12. Write down your dreams again.

  13. Do a dance work out.

  14. Prioritize personal development.

  15. Sit in hope just as much as you sit in fear.

  16. Create boundaries in your relationships

  17. Promote your friend’s business and passion projects.

  18. Do natural ingredients face masks/scrubs.

  19. Do something special for someone.

  20. Practise stretching.

  21. Read your Bible.

  22. Get excited about who you are becoming and talk about it.

  23. Compliment someone.

  24. Breathe deeply.

  25. Sing yourself a song in the shower.

  26. Plan something and go.

  27. Hug your family.

  28. Tell stories.

  29. Notice what you eat.

  30. Take an evening walk.

  31. Do a social media detox.

  32. Watch your favourite childhood show.

  33. Intentionally drink more water.

  34. Look forward to things!

  35. Be intentional about celebrating progress and small wins.

  36. Hold others accountable, including yourself.

  37. Own, look at and embrace your body.

  38. Forgive yourself.

  39. Sleep in on some days.

  40. Cuddle.


Let me know which ones you agree with and practice! Feel free to share your activity that is not on the list!

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Take Care of YOU!

Your Coach,


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