Book Review: UPGRADE by Victor Muniu

I swear to all of you that I am a personal development junkie and I am super excited to share this book with all of you! It’s true that most of us will not pick up books by our Kenyan authors as fast as we’ll pick books from the western authors, therefore I am working on show-casing good content from our authors.

Upgrade by Victor Muniu is a book that I really enjoyed reading especially in the morning on my way to work. I found it perfect for my morning routine as it legit filled my days with high vibrations and energy. Each morning it elevated me higher than my challenges, pain, struggles and showed me who I really am and the potential/power we have over our situations.

The book explores the idea of feeling stuck and limited especially in a world that is constantly upgrading. He challenges us to to see the potential we have to grow, develop and better ourselves in this fast-changing world.

I am in love with the tone and the systematic style of the book. It is warm, relatable and in all honesty, it felt like having a personal cheerleader that is firm, reassuring that not only understands but sees your highest self. It is definitely a perfect Monday morning read with a cup of coffee!

The thing I loved most about this book is its authenticity, especially to our Kenyan experiences and culture. Yes, I love Robin Sharma and all other personal development authors from the west but I do not live in Canada or New York, therefore, the life experience is totally different and sometimes unrelatable.


The book shares 10 A’s that are vital when embarking on BUILDING YOUR ‘A’ GAME and I want to share 3 of my FAVOURITE A’S!

1) Awareness



I fell in love with the idea of self-awareness when I was doing my coaching training. Victor describes awareness as an attribute that sets the stage for all the other A’s and I couldn’t agree more. The book shares how to get more self-aware and how to capitalize on it in order to grow ourselves and our lives. Awareness is the mother of advancement-Victor Muniu. Click To Tweet


2) Audacity

I’m sorry guys but I forever want to be remembered for making bold moves! This ‘A’ is specifically discussed to help us develop our courage and our capacity as risk takers. The book delves into ways of developing this trait in order to not only achieve our goals but to dream even bigger and bolder!



I loved this particular ‘A’ because life can do backflips on us and by the time we land, we realize that things are no longer the same and even worse, not as we planned. I have experienced this and this chapter on Adaptability just did it for me.



It helped me with my anxiety /desire to want to control things that are not going the way I planned and challenged me to get into the habit of coming up with better and creative ways to adapt to a situation, especially to my advantage. Adaptability is all about keeping in step with change rather than playing catch up to change.-Victor Muniu Click To Tweet


Those are my #3A’S from Upgrade by Victor Muniu! Have you read the book? Please share your 3A’s with us and tag @victor_muniu on Instagram/Facebook and us too!


I highly recommend this book if you are on a  self-development journey, are feeling stuck and in need of a jump-start or need a new morning routine read! I also highly recommend it to all teachers, leaders and coaches.


Build your A-Game today and purchase the book through this number 0774662117 or send me an email here to get your copy.


Your Coach,

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