Book Review: Your Life Your Thinking by Victor Muniu

Understanding the function of the mind and how it affects our lives has definitely been a subject of conversation today.Your Life Your Thinking is a read that all can greatly benefit especially  in pursuit of understanding how our thought process determines how we enjoy today,perceive tomorrow and live life in general.The author uses relatable life experiences,illustrations and stories to really mirror us in.He uses scriptural principles to explain who we are and how to use our unique make-up to achieve that which God intends for us.

Pst Victor Muniu gently guides us through the process to understanding.He boldly challenges  the energy around our mental diet. I love that this book is solution driven. In the book, you will find practical solutions that will help in developing your thinking  which will in turn develop your quality of life.

I love the metamorphic journey that this book has been. It will definitely challenge the mediocrity we all struggle with and resonate with the greatness that is undeniably within each one of us.

An unprepared life,mind will always be uncertain in all its undertakings! – Victor Muniu

Hope you get to pick up this transformational read.

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Stay Relatable.


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