3 Lies That The Modern Christian Tell Themselves.

Wait! Do I tell myself the truth? I’d love to believe I do. In a world and generation that screams, ‘Stick to your truth!’ It is very easy to end up living your truth and a lie, all in the same breathe. Everyone around us is urging us to run. To run away from people’s opinions and ideas of how we should live our lives. It’s great and I believe in this. But as we filter other people’s words and ideas, I wonder who and what filters ours? Who filters mine? Just because they are mine, does it mean they are right? What if I’m owning a lie and allowing it to run my life?
Life decisions and choices today are really motivated by our thoughts and feelings. This is literal sinking ground. If my own thoughts, feelings, and ideas may deceive me, how much more what society deems truth, good or wrong?

Here are 5 lies we may be living in as truth:

1) Well, I am a Christian.

“I was born in the church.” “I am baptized!” “I go to church religiously.” “I have my own corner at the church.” “I sing and serve.” “All my friends are Christians.” These are possible responses when a few of us are asked about our spirituality. Don’t get me wrong, all these are great! In the spirit of honesty, I have found myself going to church just because it is what I do on Sundays. I have felt very ‘Christian-y’ while doing so. This right here is where the deception comes in. The ‘Christian-y’ feeling that we strive for. Jesus did not call us to pursue a ‘Christian-y’ feeling but to follow Him. This at times may not appeal to our emotions and may challenge the world and heck!Our own thoughts and weird belief systems. How do I know this? Because there was a time I quit church because I did not feel ‘Christian-y’. I thought, since I am struggling, I may not be a Christian.

Our Christianity is qualified by our salvation and deliberate choice to follow Him. We could not save ourselves so we can rest and stop performing for a ‘Christian-y’ feeling. We serve, sing, celebrate, get baptized and meet with other believers because He first loved us and demonstrated His love for us on the cross. We also walk in the truth of salvation daily whether there is a feeling or not.

‘Being a Christian is a change of direction in life, it’s not a hoop to jump through as we continue to live as we wish’-anonymous

John 8:31-32 The Message (MSG)
Then Jesus turned to the Jews who had claimed to believe in him. “If you stick with this, living out what I tell you, you are my disciples for sure. Then you will experience for yourselves the truth, and the truth will free you.”

I know that many bear a lot of church hurt and would rather not put themselves out there like that again. But I would encourage you to find a community that you can be a part of. Look till you find. Do not give up. Start small. Heads up though! You already know that they will not be perfect. So drop that expectation. But you can expect love, community, and growth. We were never meant to thrive in solitude.That idea is a lie.

2) God cares more about my wealth than my brokenness.


Money can buy us a lot of things in this life but there are things it cannot afford. If wealth was our saving grace then Jesus wouldn’t have bothered to die on the cross. I have met many people that are wealthy but are broken and money just can’t fix them. The purpose of wealth in the hands of a broken man/woman is never accomplished. Therefore, we are in need of a Savior more than we are in of need money.

I know this is not popular today because we just need to make it or make it, legally or illegally. Integrity and hard work is not in the hearts of many anymore. God desires that when he blesses us with much, that we can bless others. He desires that the wealth he gives us would be used to spread the gospel and offer solutions to this world. Anything that God puts in our hands thrives and achieves its purpose when Christ is at the center of our lives. Not our pain, addictions, sin, and hurts. You may think that your lack of money is what is holding you back from a fulfilled life, but in the real sense, if you lack Jesus Christ in your life, even your most fulfilled life is unfulfilled.

The pain He went through on his journey to the cross and on the cross is what heals our deepest wounds. You say, “No one understands”. I tell you that He gets it. He gets you! Whatever it is! You just have to surrender and let it happen. Let go and let healing happen. Allow Him to give meaning and purpose to your wealth, life, pain and story. Even as we pursue success and excellence, let’s pursue Him even more. God wants you whole in this life and in the next. Allow Him to work in you.

3) Hey, Miss Perfect!

It’s already out there. I really do not need to tell you that I am not perfect. I may do some things really well, but I also struggle with a lot. I may not ask you to pull a sit and listen in, but they are there. A few people get to sit through it with me.I strive though! I strive for the image of Christ. To love as He loved and hate as he did. He hated sin. He still does. I, on the other hand, enjoy sin especially when it feels good, which is most times. What am I saying? It is not easy. It’s a fight. We fight our flesh. It’s a daily fight. We win some, we lose some but we get back up and put on the full armor of God again.Listen,for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.To claim otherwise is a lie on its own.

I would have loved to tell you that once you decide to follow Christ that everything would be walking on the moon great.Butterflies and happy emojis. I would be lying. Instead, I will boldly assure you that through the drama, the pain, the disappointments and even the miraculous highs that you are not alone and everything works out for good because you are in Him and He is in you.

If I am wrong, please correct me in the comments section when I say that at times us Christians especially in the church, we struggle with sin silently. If right, please do comment as well. “How am I meant to tell anyone as the lead worship leader that I struggle with sexual thoughts, pornography, same-sex attraction etc?”*Phaedra side-eye look* Shame takes a sit because an expectation was set. Perfection. The church may even respond that you should be over that by now. So we hide in suits, make-up, and heels. The pastor may even be deceived by our fronting skills that he no longer preaches on sin, repentance, and deliverance.

It would be sad for us to live in church and miss out on heaven because we thought following Christ is a one-day affair. We need Him forever and all the time. So confront that sin and tell it that it has no room in your life instead of hiding it, cuddling it, feeding it and growing it. Look for someone who can pray with you. It doesn’t have to be a congregation affair. Jesus loves us and will never grow tired of delivering us because He already did. He freed us but we need to choose freedom daily.

I write these here because i can relate with all of them.

Which one do you relate with? Share with us down below!

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