8 Tips to Help you Declutter your Heart.

8 Tips to Help you Declutter your Heart.

Clutter can simply be defined as noise or disturbance caused by things being in disorder. Most people if not all prefer working in spaces that are well organized and there are proven benefits such as improved focus and crushing goals, just to name a few. I certainly will not and cannot give myself the title ‘well-organized’ but I realized that I think and work best when my space is organized and neat. Therefore, I strive to be more organized through a process we call decluttering. I love it, especially when i seem to know where everything is! Magical benefit!


Our bodies exist in the external process of decluttering while our hearts need to go through the more than occasionally needed internal process of decluttering to allow us to function optimally and achieve the goals that we set for ourselves. You may work hard to get your space squeaky clean and neat but are unable to benefit from it because it is the noise and clutter within you that’s a hindrance to your effectiveness.


Here are 8 tips that could help you declutter your heart.


1. Create awareness as you declutter.

As you clean your physical space, take that time to get in touch with what is going on within you and the areas in your mind, heart and soul that need decluttering. Notice what is happening in your spirit as you arrange, fold and create a more organized life.

 2. Hoarding.

We live in a consumerist culture where we hold onto stuff that we really do not need and I know it can be hard to let go of these stuff because to some extent we believe that they define us. I think it is the same thing when it comes to our hearts and souls. We hold on to a lot of stuff that we pick up along the way because we kinda believe them to define us. A failed relationship. Job loss. Negative words and experiences especially from the people we love and whose opinions mean a lot to us. Baggage. We are walking around heavy and spent on the inside and it is time to let go. Release the heart baggage. 




3. Clutter that just needs to be cleaned up.

Don’t throw away a good thing! Don’t throw away your life. Let’s clean it up and work on it because it is still good. You have a good life. There are areas that we may need to work on in our lives, like, how we perceive ourselves, our lives and others.  We need to bring awareness to this area of our life. We need to look at our thought pattern and question it because it more than often forms our belief system about ourselves, our relationships, work, health, others and life. Ask yourself whether your thoughts are true, pure, lovely or good to say the least. Let’s clean up our thoughts and bring them to good use not just for ourselves but for those that are around us. Journaling and affirmations are my go-to!


4. Sentimental Clutter.

At times we hold onto stuff because of the emotions and memories attached to them. Most times we do not need these things and make our space so cluttered and never leave any room for things that would serve us better at that moment. Our hearts too can suffer this type of clutter whereby we hold onto good and bad memories that sometimes hinder us from making new and probably even better memories with the people that are currently in our lives. It’s okay to hold on to the lessons, to let go and allow newness to carry you into creating other memories. 





5. Declutter your heart a bit more than you declutter your physical space.

Clutter is a normal occurrence especially if you are fully living. Therefore, I  believe that decluttering your heart should not be associated with this shame attached to not being “well put together”. Noticing what may be going on within you and doing what it takes to get you to a balance is nothing to be ashamed of. Clutter is normal and decluttering is necessary. Only thing I would advice is, declutter your heart even more.


6.  Mend the mendable.

It is not spoilt and useless just because it has lost a button! I tell myself as I declutter my wardrobe and it is no surprise how it applies to our hearts especially in relationships. As you declutter your heart, think about the relationships that need to be mended and the ones that really cannot be mended. It is not a comfortable process for both instances but I do promise peace of mind and heart on the other side of it. Mend the relationships you know deep within you that are still worth your time, energy and effort. Fight for those ones and let go of the ones that drag you in the mud.





7.  Share/Give

We are always living in scarcity and not abundance and that is why we find ourselves holding onto things that would surely serve someone else better than they would serve us. Decluttering involves giving away things that have outgrown us to serve someone else. As we give away physical stuff, we get to declutter our hearts and step into abundance. Declutter your heart by allowing yourself to share openly and vulnerably what is on your mind and heart with someone you love and trust. Share in truth and authenticity. Allow yourself to connect, to be seen and heard. You have no idea how elevating it may be to the person listening.


8) Comparison Clutter

I am a complete victim of this. Buying things because I saw a friend having it or relevance for the gram or whatever. These things just end up becoming clutter. We compare our lives, abilities and accomplishments with other people’s and this creates noise in our minds. We end up not being true to ourselves and create this mental funk that propagates the idea that we are inadequate and incapable. Decluttering in this regard would look like getting off social media, practising gratitude and being content with your life.



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