Book Review: The Accidental Vertigo by Kiaba A. Njeru

The Accidental Vertigo by Kiaba A. Njeru


The Accidental Vertigo



I couldn’t help but be captured by the title of this book when I saw it on Kiaba’s IG stories. I knew I had to get it. The title spoke to my millennial soul and spirit and the language, humour and characters thereafter did not disappoint.

The Accidental Vertigo is a small book that highlights themes such as revenge, crime, drug dealing and of course love. Jimmy who is the main character goes through life-altering events and comes back up creating, living and loving a life that he never really envisioned for himself. Of course, the book wouldn’t be complete without a Nigerian character by the name Ojiwale. Ojiwale is the typical ambitious Nigerian brother that comes to Kenya to steal all the beautiful Kenyan ladies. Relatable huh! lol.  His life collides with Jimmy’s muse and his businesses.

This book made me realize the truth in life that there is always someone in your corner. You are not completely abandoned even when it feels like it. With all the bad things that may be happening around you, there are people that are committed to good. Those people are around you, having your back without your knowledge.

The Accidental Vertigo is definitely an easy, relatable and funny book to read. It is a refreshing Millenial read. One thing I have to say is that I actually would have loved if the book was bigger the characters more developed to make the story longer and of course more enjoyable. I just wanted to keep turning the pages.


Kiaba, this was definitely a great and beautiful first contribution to the Kenyan world of literature. We love that you had us Millenials in mind and cannot wait to read more of your work. Okay, how to get the book? Contact @Kiaba here 0727070186 to order a copy and make sure you follow him on IG here to keep up with his writing.


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