20 Mindset Adjustments As You Set Your 2020 Goals & Resolutions.

20 Mindset Adjustments As You Set Your 2020 Goals & Resolutions.




HAPPY NEW YEAR guys!!! and I hope you guys had a great time with your family and friends! I did too! I got an opportunity to spend the holidays with friends and family and true happiness is found in being able to share our lives with the ones we truly love! I legit need a vacation from the vacation! 

I know, we are all jotting down our goals and resolutions for the year and i just wanted to remind you of these 20 mindset adjustments that would not only help you plan better but also ACHIEVE your 2020 ambitions and goals. (Have highlighted my top 3 on the list) What are yours? Share with us on our Instagram @thatgirlrelatable


1) Stay true to yourself.

2)Leave the follows, the likes and the outward validation out of it and truly set these goals for yourself.

3)Get an accountability partner! Someone who’ll call you out once you stop feeling motivated to keep planting the seeds.

4)Track your progress! Keep a journal! Evaluate after a month,3 months or whatever timeline that works for you.

5)Keep starting! It does not need to be January to start eating right, working out or even write!

6)Cut them off! Cut off the distractions and the drama! Your goals and where you are going does not need all that energy.

7)Pray about it! Seek God about it! And finally, listen.

8)Reward yourself for the milestones and do not forget to share them. Yes, you did that!

9)It’s going to look hard, be hard and sometimes daunting. In those moments, reminisce on all the hard things that you have done and yes, you do hard things and this one is definitely not the first one.

10)Write down what you are learning about life, your situation and yourself. Sometimes the outcome is better than what you expected.

11)Take note of all the blessings and opportunities that came with you aligning yourself to your goals.

12)Allow yourself to change and alter your goal with time. Please remember that just because you wrote it down in January in a particular way  it does not have to remain the same.Make room for change.

13)Understand your season of life. You cannot compare yourself to your colleagues or friends because there is a high possibility that both of you are in different seasons of life and none is better than the other.

14)Allow yourself to make mistakes and get it wrong. Forgive yourself quicker this time around and get back up.

15)Treat yourself with some of that love and grace that you easily extend to others. Do not be so hard on yourself.

16)Strategize and have very clear action plans.

17)Start small. Start at your level. Start with what you have.

18)Talk to yourself a lot more this year. The good/kind/uplifting kind of talk. Affirm yourself like never before.

19)Take care of your mental health! Remember to breathe. Self-care and self-love are crucial.

20) Go hard babe and do hard things! You got this!



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Stay Relatable Forever and cannot wait to meet you!

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