TWENTY- 2020 Live Your Best Life Essentials



  1. Motivational Books- You need these ones to get you in the right headspace to KEEP GOING.

  2. Gratitude Jar- I’ll be honest, I did not do such a great job at keeping a gratitude jar this year as much as I had all the tools to keep one, but I am planning on being very intentional in keeping one come 2020. Click here to read on how to easily make one.

  3. Therapy/Coaching- 2020 I am looking into therapy to heal my inner child and really dive deep into who I have become in these 27 years of my life and whether that person is serving the kind of life,  relationships and love I desire in the next decade. I intend to keep investing in personal coaching to make sure that I am accountable and pursuing my dreams and goals. HEALING is paramount for me come 2020.

  4. Plan Something New. An event. A get together. A trip. Something new and exciting.

  5. Save some coins. Thank me later!

  6. Prioritise self-love & care. Babe, you are the common denominator in your life and if you are not okay, then every other thing that you would typically put ahead of yourself suffers. Therefore, schedule  it like you do meetings, dates and every other intentional thing you do.

  7. Declutter- Get rid of things that don’t serve you anymore and CREATE SPACE for NEWNESS! Declutter your heart on a regular too. Click here to read on how to declutter your heart.

  8. Get in touch with your spirituality. This is a big one for me too. I long for a deeper and unique relationship with God. To truly know Him for myself especially without the religious stuff that creates this illusion that I am so close to Him and how ‘of a great job I am doing’, all the while losing out on a real connection with God.

  9. Vow to connect deeply and meaningfully. Develop deeper relationships with your partner, friends, family and even accept the possibility of new connections that will surely come your way. Open your heart to see others and allow yourself to be seen.

  10. Help someone in need. Share your resources. Volunteer. Do something that does not have to directly benefit you. 

  11. Take a risk! Jump the gun! Do hard stuff that scares the shit out of you. Love someone. Start that passion project. Apply for that job. Go live on IG. Share your gift with the world. And keep doing brave stuff.

  12. Fall deeply and madly in love with yourself and the intricacies of who you are. Embrace yourself moment by moment even as you keep self-improving. You are not broken. You are not a recurring development project. You ARE ENOUGH.

  13. Stop and feel each emotion. Even the hard ones. Laugh loudly and cry deeply. Don’t forget to breathe. You are alive.

  14. Create space for others. When someone shares a piece of themselves with you, remember to honour that offering even if you do not agree. Practice empathy.

  15. Eat healthier. Drink lots of water too. Honour your body a bit more this coming year.

  16. Trust your gut. Listen to your intuition more. Listen to your body and the vibes that you are getting.

  17. LAUGH! Laugh at yourself. Allow yourself to feel JOY without anticipating sudden doom. Enjoy the love that comes your way in every sphere of your life.

  18. Bring your A-game. Whatever it is that you are doing. Show up in fullness. In all of your glory. Do not leave anything behind. You are qualified and don’t worry about all that you do not know yet. You will learn. Show up and keep showing up.

  19. DON’T forget to celebrate how far you have come and the milestones that might look so small in your eyes. Notice those things and own them. You did that! Don’t let those things go uncelebrated. 

  20.  Get quiet and clear about what you truly want and set goals and action plans for them.


I have amazing news for 2020! I will be hosting a small intimate (how we call them nowadays) CLARIFY YOUR GOALS group-coaching session for amazing ladies and gents who desire to WIN! WIN! WIN! this coming 2020! See below to register and book a discovery call on the event with me to get more details on the event. Or click here!

Stay Relatable Forever and cannot wait to meet you!

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