dreaming 2020


I AM TERRIFIED OF DREAMING! 2020 LOW-KEY SUCKS ALREADY! One of the things that I struggle with especially during the beginning of the year is setting goals, dreaming, strategizing and trusting the voice within me during this time. The new year symbolizes a beginning, a hope, a new season or even a second chance. All Read more about I AM TERRIFIED OF DREAMING![…]

TWENTY- 2020 Live Your Best Life Essentials

TWENTY – 2020 LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE ESSENTIALS.   Motivational Books- You need these ones to get you in the right headspace to KEEP GOING. Gratitude Jar- I’ll be honest, I did not do such a great job at keeping a gratitude jar this year as much as I had all the tools to keep Read more about TWENTY- 2020 Live Your Best Life Essentials[…]

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