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We have amazingly big audacious campaigns and movements that shake society and its standards of beauty especially amongst black women such as #BlackGirlMagic or #BlackGirlExecellence just to mention a few. It goes without saying that even with the amazing work that they are doing, it is but only a drop in the ocean.  A lot still needs to be done to re-write all the negative beliefs and narratives from our colonialists. They made sure we saw nothing good out of our deep dark melanin infused beautiful skin colour. Our great-grandparents carried this and we black African/Kenyan millennials with all our sophistication do not even realize that we subtly carry this devaluing belief which influences what we do, how we see and treat ourselves and others.

I judge no one for this because it took these people life long years of harshly devaluing, discriminating and dividing us(colorism). There were numerous negative outcomes that they were banking on and we experience them to this day. With that said, it needs all of us as black African/Kenyan men and women to actively re-write the narrative and take back the power that was snatched from us and pass NEW energy and beliefs to our children. To take back what we have no reason to work for because we have it! That is WORTH, VALUE  and BEAUTY.



To officially kick start this campaign, we have the President Standard Group Women Network, Senior Editor Standard Group, Founder and Creative Director, Woman Kenya platform Queen Mbori sharing openly and vulnerably in this video. She is an amazing woman actively re-writing the narrative of Kenyan dark-skinned women in Media and specifically challenging colorism on our Kenyan streets and society. Also, connect with her here



Thank you for watching and being part of the conversation! We are posting more content on our Instagram here on the campaign and how to join the conversation!
Stay forever relatable!
Keep the melanin poppin!
You are melanin equipped!

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