Colorism Doesn’t EXIST! STOP FUSSING!



We all have different experiences when it comes to issues of light-skinned over dark-skinned preference. Colorism, I had to admit exists within us and in our society.I remember myself in primary school and the popular girl everyone wanted to be friends with, including me. She was always light-skinned with straight hair. ‘Makosa’ was being extra dark with kinky hair! At that time, of course, it was hard to process all of that and question the attraction and preference. The media at the time (still does) depicted beauty as being synonymous to light-skinned and of course, at school, anyone that looked anything like the girl on tv was automatically considered beautiful, capable and having something worth having.


Colorism is described as discrimination against individuals with dark skin tone typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group. This can actually affect access to opportunities in education, employment and even relationships/marriage. I’ll just get right into it. The idea that light skinned is better than dark skin is one that exists in our spaces today and is fueling the skin bleaching industry. Our campaign #MelaninEquipped is not about creating a divide between light and dark skinned women, but to put this colorism nonsense in our spaces to rest and have lesser women bleaching their skin to fit a fleeting discriminatory narrative.

  This begins by recognizing the issue and accepting that it exists. Many light-skinned women are ignorant of the vice because they are on the benefiting end of colorism. Some may never agree to the privilege of having lighter skin color. Thing is, we always know. Deep down we know. This ignorance tends to grow to feelings of superiority or feeling more special than your darker toned sisters. Yes, we are all beautiful but it’s also true that light- skinned and dark- skinned women do not stand on a levelled pedestal. One has been higher than the other and we as a society contribute to it subtly or boldly.



To all the beautiful light-skinned  women who asked me personally/publicly how to participate in this campaign. Here is a start. Join us by accepting that colorism is a real thing and knowing that you can actually speak up about it.  Here is a short interesting video that will answer a whole lot of questions you may have. Enjoy.



Join the campaign by using the hashtag #melaninequipped #iammelaninequipped  and by tagging us on our social media pages!

What are your thoughts on this topic?


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