Feeling Overwhelmed? 5 Tips to Get You Together.

Feeling Overwhelmed? 5 Tips to Get You Together.

I have been in such a weird funk this previous week guys! I  haven’t been feeling like myself. With the year having just begun and all of us being on GO mode, dare i say that i had actually forgotten the need to take a breather! A.K.A some time out to care for myself. To rest and know that it is a journey and not a sprint. I couldn’t even fathom the idea of a burn out even before January was  over!Your girl was overwhelmed and needed to slow down a bit in order to have a chance at crushing some of these goals.

I am convinced that we all get overwhelmed with all that we do. Even the things that we are passionate about.Our attention is needed and pulled in so many different directions that we risk losing ourselves and the assuring feeling of centerdness  in who we are.


Let’s Get You Together Sis,

  1. Accept the whirlwind.

We just have to shamelessly accept that we are tired and are in need of a break. I realised that I had this desire to do all the things listed on my to do list but i just couldn’t. I had the option of beating myself up about my inability to get things done or accept that i needed a break.To listen to my body because it is always speaking to me. Admit to yourself that you feel overwhelmed by all that is going on around you, all your responsibilities and your attention being pulled at in different directions.It doesn’t make you lazy or a procrastinator.You’re just overwhelmed.


   2.Trace it in your body.

Our bodies tell us what is going on with us and we just need to practice paying attention to them. For instance, I knew  something was off because I was not physically feeling like myself. I was short with the people that were around me. I did not want to engage in conversation. (I love talking and expressing my thoughts and views) I couldn’t work. I was restless and anxious. I felt it in my chest. I acknowledged it and by doing that I accepted what my body was telling me and knew that I still got this! It’s in my control and in order to get myself together,I needed to do something different.


  3. Reconnect with yourself.


Getting overwhelmed is one of the ways that our bodies tell us that we have been connecting with every other thing and persons other than ourselves.That your cup is being depleted and you need to stop pouring out and begin pouring within yourself.How does this look like? I know for me it looks like journaling, dancing, walking barefoot on the earth, watching a movie and praying. For some it is working out, cooking, social media detox for one day or doing a face mask. Basically this involves reconnecting with yourself and to be honest, it sure does feel like a hug to me.Therefore when you feel burn out knocking, please do not let it knock you down. Take some guilt free time out and love on yourself.




  4. Stay in Alignment.


I speak  a lot about knowing and accepting the seasons of our lives.You cannot be everywhere, being everything to everybody at the same time. It beats logic to even try. You have to learn to say no in the most stern and kindest of ways.It may not be your season to travel and attend every social gathering. It might not be your season to volunteer and take up extra responsibilities just because you want to make other people happy. And that’s okay. Some frustrations also come from not accepting some seasons such as  not being in a romantic relationship or being married. Not having ‘enough money’ or a ‘social media lifestyle’. Yes, I totally understand where the frustration may come in but as we stress about it ,we miss out on the beauty of the season that we are in. Stay aligned love because most of the time we are unhappy and overwhelmed because we just aren’t true to ourselves and haven’t accepted where we are in life.


  5. Guard your energy.

If you are trying to get a lot of meaningful things done in your life, then you will need to guard your heart, your energy and space like never before.This is so because you will have little  control over it the minute you give people the chance to react and speak on it. One thing you will have to learn to do is MOVING IN SILENCE. Not everyone needs to know what you are up to or your big goals.



There are two types of people and you have surely encountered them.The ones you tell your goals/dreams and you feel uplifted and fired up and the ones you share an idea you haven’t even settled on and they make you feel like shit about your entire life. Know when and where to pour details of your heart because you need to guard it from discouragement, fear and doubt. Don’t allow people who will forever misunderstand you be the reason you are shrivelled up in a corner overwhelmed. Learn to move in silence  especially in a society that is losing value in living a quiet life. Not everybody needs to know.

Stay Relatable Forever!

My name is Dorsila and I run an award-winning blog (BAKE AWARDS: Best New Blog 2019) at thatgirlrelatable.co.ke that focuses on helping men and women live their best authentic lives. I am also a certified life coach. I help men and women get unstuck, own and create the life they desire. Click here to get to know more and book yourself a free session. I cannot wait to meet you.

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